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Quarterly Meeting - 6/2/09

Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s Association, INC Board Meeting June 2, 2009 Lone Oak Baptist Church Lone Oak Road, Plant City, Florida

HOA BOARD MEETING SIGN Turned over to Jim and Marilyn Frey and POSTED Saturday 30 May 2009

Certifying of Quorum – Call to Order

Secretary Susan Beller called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM. A quorum was achieved by attendance of a majority of the members of the Directors. Kasey of McNeil Management was also present. The sign-in sheets have been placed in the Association records.

The minutes were sent to all BOD members to be read and clarified.

ON MOTION: Duly made by Jim and seconded by Anthony.

RESOLVE: To approve minutes as e-mailed to BOD.

Due to work obligations Shawn Vinson has resigned the office of president and Jim Frey has taken the post by unanimous vote from the BOD. Carla Davis our Vice President has also stepped down from the Vice President role D/T her work schedule and Anthony Jones is now our Vice President.

Jim reported that both of our front lights that light up the Trapnell Ridge sign are not working.

Susan suggested that the reports from McNeil’s be made avaible 1 week before the BOD meeting, The next meeting will be on the 29th of September 2009.

Unit # 6254 will be handed over to our Attorney Mr. Tankel for back owed assessments.

Financial Reports

Financial reports were read over and discussed. When looking at the budget. Delinquent accounts amount to $28,727.47

and our Total liabilities and Equity amount to &21,684.98.

Unfinished Business

We have come into the knowledge that our White Vinyl Fence is 25 feet into our property line. There is a different between information from the county and the city as to being able to open the gate at the end of Harvest Orchard Dr. where it intersects with Mindedahl Road The problem is being looked at as to who owns the fence and why it was placed where it is.

We have been told by code Enforcement that it is up to Trapnell Ridge to keep the grass cut on this property.

treetlights are paid from our homeowner’s assessment dues at this time. We as the association pay 2 electric bills, one for the streetlights and one for the use of electricity for the signage lights and irrigation of our community. We are looking into the chance to bring down our assessment dues by putting the streetlight electric bill onto our taxes. This must be done by petition so we all have a voice in this.

Anthony Jones was awarded a certificate for him presentation of the Easter Egg Hunt and party put on by Transformation Church at no cost to our community. Thank you Anthony.

The property at 3413 Berry Blossom Lane will be turned over to the attorney after leaving a truck with no tire on the street for over one week.

MOTION: Duly made by Jim and seconded by Susan

RESOLVED: Property at 3413 to be turned over to our attorney.

After receiving knowledge that 3413 Berry Blossom Lane is in pre-foreclosure, this was not turned over to the attorney R/T cost.

New business

There are 2 areas of our white vinyl fence that need to be repaired. Someone drove through 2 panels and a post need to be repaired, this is on the west side of our property. On the east side we have one section of fence that is splintered and needs repair.

We have received 3 quotes for the work and the board

MOTION Duly made by Jim and seconded by Anthony vote by board unanimous

RESOLVED: Danny Ramos Will repairs the fences.2

Late Fee and Assessments Due Process was gone over by Kasey

Delinquency notice in 15 days if you are late (sent out in 17 or 18 days)

Turned over of attorney

45 day demand letter sent from attorney

If not contact with attorney lien

BOD will sign lien and process will begin

Many homeowners have stated that they did not receive a coupon book. This will be placed in the newsletter, let us know if you did not receive one.

FreeMarr is in the process of foreclosure and we are unable to reach them by phone.

Code Enforcement has been out and given them 20 days to clean up their lot and if this is not done code enforcement will clean up the lots and bill FreeMarr or the bank holding the foreclosure. This has been posted on signs in front of the lots in violation.

We are working on a form that will allow the teens to do volunteer work for their school credits.

BOD requested a copy of our PLAT from Kasey to help when reporting and understanding our community

Committee Reports


The ACC committee states that some of our neighbors have not sent in the forms for approval on projects they do around their

homes. Our Management will begin to send letters on these violations, there is a 30-day notice and then a fine will be imposed.


No report


This has been a hard committee to start Anthony needs 4 more people to help on this committee. Robin Brittingham joined with Anthony at our last meeting.


We would like to put together a Newsletter committee so everyone here can keep abreast of the changes and what we learn as your BOD. Marilynn Frey and Susan Beller will start the committee and both Solomon Boamah and Jacqueline Cater have joined us at the last BOD meeting. Thank you to both of you.


Director’s comments

Newsletters will begin to help with communication.

Code Enforcement will help get our community cleaned up.

BOD meeting should be more often.

ON MOTION: Duly made by Jim seconded by Harold

RESOLVED: To adjourn the meeting at 8:26 PM

Open Session by Community

Freemarr and the need to clean up

Gate in back should be open Plant City O.K. but Hillsborough County states that Harvest Orchard is not wide enough to support being a road this should be a Traffic control issue.

Landscaping company is not cutting around the ponds.

School children are walking down the middle of the street and do not move when a car is behind them.

Groups of children hanging out in the streets could be arrested for this behavior.

Trash cans left in the streets.

A homeowner needs a building permit to construct a fence or build a porch.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Beller, Secretary Trapnell Ridge HOA, Inc.


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