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3rd Quarter Board Meeting - 8/1/22

Trapnell Ridge HOA

3rd Quarter Board Meeting

Monday, August 1, 2022

6:30 PM

OnPoint CoWork Solutions

1805 James L Redman Pkwy, Ste 202

Plant City, FL 33563


Call to Order by Anthony Jones at 6:31PM

  • Verify quorum – Quorum met; Anthony Jones and Jason Stanley in attendance

  • Verify timely notice of meeting – notice on message board more than 48 hours in advance of meeting

  • Reading of last meeting minutes - meeting minutes approved

Financial Reports

  • Monthly Financial Reports as of 08.01.2022

    • Cash Operating $17,973.91

    • Cash Reserved $34,659.91

    • Total Cash $52,633.82

Old Business

  • Items for maintenance:

    • Cameras: Need Budget Line Item for 2023

  • Ratify decision to do repairs to park fence and signs:

    • Replaced 9 pickets, 3 top rails, 1 bottom rail, installed 9 missing caps, painted the rules sign in park, and repaired and painted community message board for $528.26.

New Business

  • Review Landscape Contract Updated Bid – Increase due to inflation

    • Was $1125 from 2018-2021; increased to $1280 in Feb 2022 (without new pest control amount); bid $1350 to stabilize price over a few years.

    • Need board vote – Anthony and Jason approve new amount

  • Review preliminary budget line items

    • Any other projects for 2023?

      • Shed repairs in park

  • Addendum Billing Update for 2023 – board to review prior to 2023

  • Website Renewal – Jason and Anthony approve renewing licenses for Trapnell Website

  • Items for 3rd Quarter? No

Community Concerns

  • Sidewalk blocking

  • ATVs driving without lights at night and speeding

  • Commercial vehicles parking in road (box truck)

  • Board agreed to send newsletter to include sidewalk blocking, new garbage can notice, dog waste, children in road

  • Anthony to add notice on message board for owners to not block the sidewalks

Adjournment by Anthony Jones at 7:13PM


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