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Quarterly Meeting - 2/28/11

Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s Association, INC Board Meeting February 28, 2011 Lone Oak Baptist Church Lone Oak Road, Plant City, Florida

Certifying of Quorum- Call to order The meeting was called to order by president, Anthony Jones, at 7:05 p.m., Directors Richard Phipps, Sharon Spalding, Jim Frey, Ray Rachal, Pete Maze and Maria Rachal in attendance, making this 7 board members present, which made this a quorum. Mellissa Fort from McNeil Management was also present. Notice of meeting was posted at entrance of subdivision for timely notice of meeting.

Reading of unapproved Minutes?Financial reports

Reviewed monthly assets, Accounts, Reserved cash and General Ledger and nothing was out of ordinary.

Read by Mellissa Ford- McNeil Management - Write Off amount for 2010 is $3,502.00.

Committee Updates

ACC: All new requests have been approved.

New Board Members/ Changes Made: Tiffiny Boren has resigned her position as Secretary. Anthony Jones Elected Maria Rachal as Secretary and was backed by Sharon Spalding. Jim Frey has Elected Ray Rachal as a Board Member and was backed by Richard Phipps.

Neighborhood Watch: Is going great with one additional posted sign that will go up within the next couple of days and reflector vest that were issue to all of the members on the Neighborhood Watch. Poop bags and baskets will be attached to the posted signs as a courteous to others to pick up after their pets. Crime watch Telephone # is 813-458-1718.

Yard of the Month it’s been a positive feedback from the community.

Sharpe Scapes are doing a fine job maintaining common grounds.

Dues: Dues are still behind in the amount of $48,824. We will continue to peruse legal advice/ letters to help collect this debit from the homeowners. Note that 25 additional delinquent accounts were sent to the attorney for collection.

Foreclosure paper work: Required a Directors signature.

Empty Lots /Homes: Investment Group has payee a portion on the back due accounts. (Special Services Asset Company).

Newsletters: have them completed and ready to be printed 30 days in advance.New Business

Clementi Engineering- Wetland Maintenance monitors and inspects the wetland area twice a year June and December for a fee of $4,900.00 year. Reports and photos of the area have been provided. A representative from Clementi Engineering would like to come out to the next Board meeting and provide some clarification. In the meantime they recommend the Landscaping Company to possibly help monitor the wetland area.

Unfinished Business

Two Community Violations; Home with a double car port and (2) Nursery Business in the community; Since the board does not have the funding to pursue legal action Anthony Jones the President will be sending a friendly reminder to the home owners of the violations.

Removal of the cement chunks on the empty lots: Mr. Maze and other home owners will look into having them removed from the lots.

Possible new location for community meetings: Turkey Creek Baptist Church for the month of April. Then resume back at Lone Oak Baptist Church for the July meeting.


On Motion: Duly made by Anthony Jones and second by Jim Frey and carried unanimously.

Resolved: to adjourn the meeting at 8:25p.m.


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