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Annual Meeting - 11/12/12

Trapnell Ridge Community Association, INC Annual Meeting November 12, 2012 Lone Oak Baptist Church 3505 Lone Oak Road, Plant City, Florida

The meeting was called to order by Trapnell Ridge Community Association President Anthony Jones at 6:35pm

  • Verification of Quorum


Discussion of old business

  • The playground equipment has been ordered and should be received by the end of November



  • Jim Frey is stepping down and we will need to elect a new board member.

  • Discussion & Approval of new budget.  The dues will remain the same at $100 per quarter.  Some of the line items changed due to the change in the management company.  The difference was able to be used for the park.

  • Anthony requested help to construct the playground equipment and said they would need 20-30 volunteers when the equipment is delivered.

  • Floor was opened and the question of speed bumps came up and Anthony explained the past road studies had not warranted them and if the Association installed them then it would have to maintain the roads and that was not something the Association wanted to take on at this time.

  • The question came up as to why can’t the Association make homeowners follow the restrictions and Anthony explained they were trying but short of filing suit there really wasn’t much that could be done.

  • Anthony mention that by December 17, 2012 he would know how many homeowners are following their payment plans and will be able to get away from Tankel’s office.

  • Maria asked if they would continue yard of the month and board said yes.

  • The question was raised if signs could be posted as to not block the sidewalks and Anthony said they would put it in the news letter and also announce it at the grand opening of the park.

  • At this time Anthony asked if there were any volunteers to be on the board and two homeowners volunteered.

  • The vote was held and the new board member is Robert Alexander.Anthony explained the attendance policy of the board.

  • It was announced that a cruise certificate had been ordered for the pastor and his wife for the use of the facilities.

  • It was also brought up about possibly getting a gift certificate for Bobby Reynolds who poured the concrete for the park.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:16pm

The board then held their vote for the officers, the outcome was:

            Maria Rachel, President             Anthony Jones, Vice President             Karen Wyckoff, Secretary/Treasurer             Ray Rachel, Director             Robert Alexander, Director


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