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Quarterly Meeting - 8/2/21

Trapnell Ridge HOA

Board Meeting

Monday, August 2, 2021

6:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 860 414 2949

Passcode: TR2021


Call to Order by Anthony Jones at 6:32PM

  • Verify quorum – Anthony Jones, Kevin Anderson, and Jason Stanley in attendance

  • Verify timely notice of meeting

  • Reading of last meeting minutes

Financial Reports

  • Monthly Financial Reports as of 07.28.2021

  • Cash Operating $17,884.32

  • Cash Reserved $46,550.57

  • Total Cash $64,550.57

  • With Assets $112,889.65

New Business

  • ARC Appointment – Anthony to send details

  • Board agreed to keep community events on the 2022 preliminary budget.

  • Hold on all parking violations unless a complaint is made by a resident.

  • Common Ground Maintenance

  • Does board want bids for pressure washing, tree trimming, basketball goal repair, park picket fence repair, or mulch at park?

  • Basketball goal to be fixed at a 10ft position. Look at costs of basketball goals that are not adjustable.

  • Removal of see-saws and replacement with sturdier equipment.

  • Mulch to be added.

  • Undetermined on picket repair.

Adjournment by Anthony Jones at 6:52PM, seconded by Kevin Anderson

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