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Quarterly Meeting - 5/7/12

Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s Association, INC Board Meeting May 7, 2012 Lone Oak Baptist Church Lone Oak Road, Plant City, Florida

Certifying of Quorum- Call to order The meeting was called to order by president, Anthony Jones, at 7:05 p.m., Directors Jim Frey, Ray Rachal, Karen Wyckoff, and Maria Rachal in attendance, making this 5 board members present, which made this a quorum. Judy White and Stacy Allison from Highland Homes Management were also present. Notice of meeting was posted at entrance of subdivision for timely notice of the meeting.

Reading of unapproved Minutes? Signed by Maria Rachal

Financial reports Monthly reports are currently unavailable due to the transition from McNeil Management to Highland Home Management; Reports will be available by the end of the month.

New Business; As of 01 May 2012 New Management Company for Trapnell Ridge Community.

  • Welcome Highland Homes Management Company to Trapnell Ridge Community.

  • Judy White will be the representative for the Community she can be reach at 863-619-7103x297.

  • Judy is currently going through 7 boxes of documents due to the transition she will notify the Board Members once she is done.

  • The Community will have 2 monthly inspections; reports will be provided at the end of each month.

  • Community Yard Sale on 19 May 2012.

  • Recently we had another fire on the outside perimeter of the community, the Southeast side, in the open field. Which cause damage to the Fence?

  • The cost to replace the Fence was approximately $3,000 we file a claim with the insurance company and our deductible was $1,000 the insurance company paid the rest.

  • Repair to the fence is schedule for 10 May 2012.

  • Reminder HOA payments were due on 1 April 2012, late payment are assessed and additional charges. To avoid any late fees please contact Highland Homes Management at (863) 619-7103 ext. 297. They can answer any question you may have or provide guidance on the HOA Community fees. Please note that payment arrangements can be made through Highland Homes Management, 3020 South Florida Ave Suite 101 Lakeland Florida 33803.

  • If anyone needs a copy of the Trpanell Ridge Community homeowner’s association covenants please notify Judy White or one of the Board Members for a copy.

ACC; Marilyn Frey is currently handling and oversees the Architectural Alteration request. If anyone is interested in installing a new fence or would like to make any changes to their homes please contact Marilyn Frey. The Architectural Committee will be working close with Highland Home Management to insure that all of the requests are approved within the allocated timeframe. Marilyn can be reach at 813-754-7735. New Architectural Alternation form are available on the Community website

Committee Updates

Community Violation: The Board is very concern with the appearance and safety of our neighborhood; homeowner’s violations need to be address. The community may be force to contact the Plant City Code Enforcement in order to get some of homeowners to understand how serious these violations are for example: parking on the grass, Basketball Goal install in front of the house, Goat, and loose dogs. Newsletters: All of the Newsletters for the second quarter have been distribute throughout the community.Community Yard Sale is schedule for 19 May 2012 Good Luck.

Board meeting; 06 August 2012

Future Projects; Working on renovating the Community Park with (a swings set & Basketball goal)

Unfinished Business; N/AAdjournment On Motion: Duly made by Anthony Jones and second by Jim Frey and carried unanimously. Resolved: to adjourn the meeting at 8:10p.m.


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