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Quarterly Meeting - 5/2/11

Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s Association, INC Board Meeting May 2, 2011 Lone Oak Baptist Church Lone Oak Road, Plant City, Florida

Certifying of Quorum- Call to order The meeting was called to order by president, Anthony Jones, at 7:05 p.m., Directors Richard Phipps, Sharon Spalding, Jim Frey, and Maria Rachal in attendance, making this 5 board members present, which made this a quorum. Mellissa Fort from McNeil Management was also present. Notice of meeting was posted at entrance of subdivision for timely notice of meeting.

Reading of unapproved Minutes?

Financial reports

Reviewed monthly assets Accounts, Reserved cash and General Ledger and nothing was out of ordinary. Read by Mellissa Fort- McNeil Management.

Committee Updates

ACC: According to the Architectural Alteration report we have the following two pending Fence approval request; 3408 Berry Blossom Ln and 3427 Trapnell Ridge Drive. They are being review by the Architectural committee.

Overview: Due to new Board Members Mellissa Fort- McNeil Management provided the Board Members with an overview of the Collection Policy. if we have any questions we can review the Florida Statue 720 for additional clarification. She also explained the Board member Responsibilities in detail but is working on providing the Board members with a guide. In the near future the Board Members would like to meet the community Attorney Mr. Robert Tankel.

Community Violation: President Anthony Jones has provided the homeowner with a friendly notice about the double car port that is not allow in the community.

Yard of the Month: it’s been a positive feedback from the community.

Dues: Dues are still behind in the amount of $56,710.87. We will continue to peruse legal advice/ letters to help collect this debit from the homeowners.

Newsletters: All of the Newsletters for April have been distribute throughout the community.New Business

Re-schedule for a representative from Clementi Engineering- Wetland Maintenance to come out to the next Board meeting and provide some clarification.

Fence: We have three quotes from the following companies;

Danielle Fence in the amount of $1,775.45

Danny Ramos in the amount of $2,114.00

Gulf to Bay Fence in the amount of $3,300.00

Melissa Fort is going to get in contact with Danielle Fence to see if they are able to provide us with a better quote. Note that Mr. Danny Ramos has been disqualified to provide any services to the community since he is a homeowner and the HOA fees are delinquent.

Prudential Commercial Real Estate: President Anthony Jones has inquired on possibly purchasing an empty lot for future five year contingency plan to obtain a park in the community. Melissa Fort- McNeil Management is going to obtain some information on Insurance and Taxes on the property. No decision until further clarification on the propertyMelissa will also obtain some quote for the following items.

Electricity at the entrance of the community on the right side.

4 Palm Trees for the entrance of the community.

Communication Board for the entrance of the community

Unfinished Business

Removal of the cement chunks on the empty lots: Mr. Maze and other home owners will look into having them removed from the lots. (Pending resolution)Adjournment

On Motion: Duly made by Anthony Jones and second by Jim Frey and carried unanimously.

Resolved: to adjourn the meeting at 8:25p.m.


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