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Quarterly Meeting - 2/4/13

Trapnell Ridge

Community Association, Inc.

Quarterly Meeting

February 4, 2013

Lone Oaks Church

3505 Lone Oak Road

Plant City, FL 33567

The meeting was called to order by Trapnell Ridge Community Association by Secretary/

Treasurer Karen Wyckoff at 6:40pm

  • Verification of Quorum

  • Verification of timely notice of meeting

  • Verification of minutes from annual meeting

  • Financial Report Presented by Highland Community Management

  • Delinquent Report President by Maria Rachal, President


Short discussion about vests for the Teenage Community Watch Program



  • Maria opened new business with the project of opening up the back gate of the community. She discussed being in contact with the City of Plant City, Hillsborough County and Teco in an effort to collect all necessary information.

  • Maria also brought up the cost to put the electric receptacle in the park and said until we had all the cost for opening the gate that they were going to put this project on hold.

  • Marilyn gave a short update on the ACC activity.

  • Homeowners with multiple and repetitive violation were brought up and the establishing of a violation committee to handle this problem.

  • The floor was opened for discussion and the questions were brought up about violations for parking on the streets for owners and guests, problems with solicitations and an old blue van taking pictures.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:12pm


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