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Quarterly Meeting - 2/3/20

Trapnell Ridge HOA

Board Meeting

Monday, February 3, 2020

6:30 PM

Lone Oak Baptist Church


Call to Order at 6:32pm

  • Verify Quorum - a Quorum of the Board is Present

  • Verify timely notice of meeting- Posted for several months

  • Reading of minutes- minutes noted

Financial Reports- reviewed and confirmed

  • Monthly Financial Reports (As of 2/3/2020)

  • Cash Operating $37,157.40

  • Cash Reserved $61,138.46

  • Total of $144,851.87

New Business

  • Improvements: Message Board at front entrance has been replaced

  • Improvements: Park sign and seesaws have been repaired

Community Affairs

  • Solicitors: Get name and company from solicitor and call non-emergency police department.

  • Commercial Vehicles: Must be parked within a garage unless actively providing service to a home. Fill out violation request form including the address of where the violation is taking place, take a picture of infraction, and submit both to

  • Any construction issues of a home should be taken to the builder supplied on the deed of the home.

  • Alterations: Submit alteration form to . The ARC committee reviews to ensure the alteration will comply with governing documents. However, homeowner will need to get with the city for building permits and to ensure alteration is within city code.

Next Meeting- Board Meeting May 4, 2020

Adjournment – 6:45 pm


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