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Quarterly Meeting - 10/24/11

Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s Association, INC Board Meeting October 24, 2011 Lone Oak Baptist Church Lone Oak Road, Plant City, Florida

Certifying of Quorum- Call to order The meeting was called to order by president, Anthony Jones, at 7:02 p.m., Directors Richard Phipps, Ray Rachal, Jim Frey, and Maria Rachal in attendance, making this 5 board members present, which made this a quorum. Mellissa Fort and Gi Gi from McNeil Management were present. Notice of meeting was posted at entrance of subdivision for timely notice of meeting.

Reading of unapproved Minutes? Signed by Maria Rachal

Financial reports

Reviewed monthly assets Accounts, Reserved cash and General Ledger and nothing was out of ordinary. Read by Mellissa Fort- McNeil Management, Trapnell Ridge is under budget in the amount of $7,200.

Committee Updates

ACC: According to Rebecca Williams from McNeil Management all of the Architectural Alteration requests are up to date with no outstanding or pending request at the moment.

Community Violation: Currently we have one homeowner that is in violation and McNeil Management is in the process requesting for the attorney to send a letter to the homeowner.

Yard of the Month: Starting in January 2012 we are going to have a new incentive for Yard of the Month. Every month one Homeowner will be awarded yard of the month in recognition of the extra efforts maintaining a beautiful yard. A $25.00 gift card from Home Deport will be provided to the homeowner.

Dues: Dues are still behind in the amount of $56,067.92 this month report includes the October assessment but payments are still posting to the account, which may decrease the amount on the next quarter. Note that delinquent notices are in the process of being mail out. Currently for the month of October we still have a total of 55 delinquent accounts.

Newsletters: All of the Newsletters for October have been distribute throughout the community.

2012 Budget Discussion Voting

· The assessment Fees will stay the same $100.00 per quarter.

· Southwest Florida Water Management District requested for an inspection report that is due by November 15, 2011. Swift Mud will be providing the report at a cost of $145.00. All Board Members have approved the fee for the report.

· Replacement of Light fixture for the front of the community at a cost of $75.00 has been approved by all Board Members.

· Extermination for ants on sides of the front of the community 3 times a year fee of $20.00 per service. All Board Members have agreed on the services.

· New incentive program for the Yard of the Month once a month the homeowner will receive a $25.00 gift card for maintaining an outstanding yard. All Board Members have agreed on issuing a gift card. Total fee of $300.00 a year.

· Reimbursement will be provided to Maria Rachal for the cost of the 1st and 2nd quarter newsletter expenses. All Board Members have agreed on the reimbursement.

· Mrs. Sharon Spalding has resigned from the Board of committee.

· Mr. Peter Maze has been removed from as a Board Member.

· Mr. Richard Phipps will be resigning as a Board Member on the next Board meeting.

· This quarter we had a total of (5) Foreclosure that required Board Member signatures; they have been signed and returned back to Melissa Fort.

· Gathering information for a Community Yard Sale for the Fall and Spring.

Let’s try and get all of the community involve in getting the Yard Sale going. Advertising in the newspaper and putting flyers in the community.

· Melissa is currently working very close with High Land Homes they have purchase 7 vacant lots and 2 of the empty homes a total of 9 lots. They are currently gathering information from Melissa on the architecture of the homes for future construction on the lots. Melissa will provide us with all of the address to the homes that was purchase.

· Welcome Gee Gee she will be working with Melissa and assisting the community.

Annual meeting; November 28, 2011 information will be mailed out to homeowners by November 7, 2011. If someone is interested in being part of the Board Committee please come out and joint use on the next Board Meeting.

Looking for New Board Members to participate.

Future Projects;

· Communication Board for the entrance of the Community, Anthony is gathering all of the information and obtaining a quote for the communication board. The information will be provided on our next month meeting for discussion

Unfinished Business


On Motion: Duly made by Anthony Jones and second by Jim Frey and carried unanimously.

Resolved: to adjourn the meeting at 8:00p.m.


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