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Board Meeting - 6/5/17

Trapnell Ridge Community Association, INC Quarterly Meeting June 5, 2017 Lone Oak Baptist Church 3505 Lone Oak Road, Plant City, FL 33567

The meeting was called to order by Trapnell Ridge Community Association at 6:31 pm.

  • Verification of Quorum

  • Verification of timely notice of meeting

  • Verification of minutes from February meeting

  • Financial Report Presented


  • Discussion

    • Board voted to continue police patrol 3 days per week on a varied schedule.

    • Board Discussed placing an ACC committee, Jason to get with a homeowner to see if she will chair it.

    • Board discussed if permits were required for fencing and sheds. Anthony is going to get with the City and get the details.

    • Maria spoke about the retention areas and phone meeting with the engineer.

    • Maria discussed reviewing all home alterations to make sure the applications are on file.

    • Maria also suggested an approved paint pallet be created.

    • A newsletter was suggested to seek ACC committee and to remind owners that they must complete alteration applications for any changes.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:52 pm


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