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Annual Meeting - 11/5/18

Trapnell Ridge

Community Association, Inc.

Annual Meeting

November 5, 2018

Lone Oaks Church

3505 Lone Oak Road

Plant City, FL 33567

The meeting was called to order by Trapnell Ridge Community Association at 6:32pm.

  • Verification of Quorum

  • Verification of timely notice of meeting (posted on board and facebook)

  • Verification of minutes from October meeting

  • Financial Report Presented and Approved


  • Community Fence was cleaned

  • Fall Festival was a success-approximately 100 people

  • “NO OUTLET” sign was put up on Harvest Orchard

  • Gift cards were purchased for Thanksgiving and will be passed out with invitation to Christmas party


  • Two Members term had expired and they resubmitted their intents to run again. There were no other intent to runs submitted.

  • Motion was made to accept the board as presented and there was a Second. The vote was unanimous and the Board is as follows: Anthony Jones Jason Stanley Maria Rachel



  • Thanksgiving $25 gift cards will go out on Nov 11.

  • Christmas party is Dec 7 at Lone Oak Church.

  • Too many vehicles with trailers parking on the road down Trapnell Grove Loop. HCM is sending out violation notices.

  • On Lone Oak Road there is a small ditch that runs between the road and our community fence. There is a deep hole there with no cover on it. Anthony will contact someone at the county to take care of it

  • Another alligator is in the pond by the playground. It is not over 4 foot so it cannot be removed at this time. Anthony inspected the fence to make sure it is not trying to get under it.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:54 pm


Anthony Jones – President

Jason Stanley – Vice President

Maria Rachal – Secretary/Treasurer


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