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Quarterly Meeting - 7/25/11

Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s Association, INC Board Meeting July 25, 2011 Lone Oak Baptist Church Lone Oak Road, Plant City, Florida

Certifying of Quorum- Call to order The meeting was called to order by president, Anthony Jones, at 7:02 p.m., Directors Richard Phipps, Sharon Spalding, Jim Frey, and Maria Rachal in attendance, making this 5 board members present, which made this a quorum. Mellissa Fort from McNeil Management was also present. Notice of meeting was posted at entrance of subdivision for timely notice of meeting.

Reading of unapproved Minutes? Signed by Maria Rachal

Financial reports Reviewed monthly assets Accounts, Reserved cash and General Ledger and nothing was out of ordinary. Read by Mellissa Fort- McNeil Management, Trapnell Ridge is under budget in the amount of $6,286 but there are some outstanding invoices for the month.

Committee Updates

ACC: According to Rebecca Williams from McNeil Management all of the Architectural Alteration request are up to date no outstanding or pending request at the moment.

Community Violation: Looking into innovated ideas on how to decrease the community violations (some suggestions were provided).

Yard of the Month: Sharon Spalding has taking the responsibilities to take over the yard of the month for the community.

Dues: Dues are still behind in the amount of $54,930 this month report includes the July assessment but payments are still posting to the account, which may decrease the amount on the next quarter.

Newsletters: All of the Newsletters for July have been distribute throughout the community, Mr. Anthony Jones and Mr. Ray Rachal will be responsible for our October Newsletter.

New Business

· Rosanne Clementi, from Clementi Engineering Consulting - Wetland Maintenance she gave us an overview on the monitoring that is being done by Clementi Engineering. The cost for the monitoring is $2,600.00 we are trying to find ways to reduce this cost. Mrs. Clementi provided us with recommendations and suggestions for future consideration for example growing trees in the wetland area since it’s about an acre of land, it take approximately 448 Trees at a cost of $10.00 a tree (3 gal trees Cypress & Red Maple). Once this is done they would still have to monitor the trees for a couple of years. Mrs. Clementi will provide McNeil Management with additional information on the recommendations them McNeil Management will notify the Board Members. In the meantime the Board Members will wait for the additional information before any decisions are made. We may request to allocate funding on next Year’s Budget to cover the cost for the wetland area.

· New Inspector: That will be going out on Tuesday to monitor the community to help rectify some of the community violations.

· This quarter we had a total of (6) Foreclosure that required Board Member signatures; they have been signed and returned back to Melissa Fort.

· Congratulation goes out to Marilyn Frey she has taken the responsibility to handle all of the Architectural Alteration request. Marilyn and her committee team will be working close with Rebecca Williams from McNeil Management to insure that all of the requests are approved within the allocated timeframe.

· While Marilyn Frey’s on vacation or unable to cover the Architectural Alteration request Maria Rachal will be covering her responsibilities, Marilyn will be going on vacation from 1 Aug through 15 Aug 2011.

· Congratulation goes out to Sharon Spalding she has volunteered to be responsible for Yard of the Month for the Community.

· Congratulation goes out to Anthony Jones and Ray Rachal they have volunteered to be responsible for the Community News Later.

· Force Mowed: Letters are being sent out to homeowners that are not mowing their yards, McNeil Management is being force to have the yards Force Mowed and the cost is being pasted down to the homeowners.

· Fence: Homeowners are very pleased on the New Fence; some of the Board Members have concern on the structure of the Fence. (Suggestions were provided by some of the homeowners) Board members will take them into consideration for future reference.

· All of the Board Members have agreed to request a check for Mr. Danny Ramos for the services that he has provided the community. The check has been requested but McNeil Management required the following items before the check can be issued; License, Insurance and W9. Anthony Jones will be in contact with Mr. Ramos.

· Signs will be installed in the back of the Community in the retention Pond area (HOA Property, No Fishing and No Trespassing) Anthony Jones will be installing them once received from McNeil Management.

· The entrance of the Community will be getting new landscaping; note that the wrong bushes were installed on both sides of the entrance of the community they are currently covering the sign that reads Trapnell Ridge. All Board Members have approved the new landscaping that will be done on the entrance of the community. New shrubs and Palm trees will be installed on both sides of the community.

Future Projects;

· Wetland Maintenance

· Electricity at the entrance of the community on the right side.

· Communication Board for the entrance of the Community.

Unfinished Business


On Motion: Duly made by Anthony Jones and second by Jim Frey and carried unanimously.

Resolved: to adjourn the meeting at 8:09p.m.


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