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Quarterly Meeting - 1/20/09

Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s Association, INC Board Meeting January 20, 2009 Lone Oak Baptist Church Lone Oak Road, Plant City, Florida

HOA BOARD MEETING SIGN POSTED Saturday 2-28-2009 at 6:00 PM

Certifying of Quorum – Call to Order

President Shawn Vinson called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM. A quorum was achieved by attendance of a majority of the members of the Directors.Doug Pinner and Kelly Green of McNeil Management were also present. The sign-in sheet has been placed in the Association records.

Proof of notice of Meeting

The Trapnell Ridge Homeowner’s sign was posted at the front gate on both sides Saturday night at 6:30 PM for the meeting on Tuesday night at 7:00 PM.

New Business

As this was our first meeting with McNeil Management present as part of our HOA Doug Pinner was given the floor to begin by going through the property reports for our community. First Kelly Green was introduced as the representative for Trapnell Ridge who would represent McNeil Management at our meeting. Doug then went through the reports that would be generated at McNeil Management for the Trapnell Ridge Homeowners Association

When the Jacksonville bank accounts were changed to Colonial Bank not enough money was held to cash checks drawn on the Jacksonville accounts that had not been cashed. Money is stilled owed to Scott from the Fall Vestibule

ON MOTION: Duly made by Shawn and seconded by Jim

RESOLVE: To move Money Market Account to a CD.

General Ledger represents all accounts

Variance Report were more in January D/T bills not paid in December because the change in banks.

Delinquent Accounts will be sent a letter on the 22nd of January from McNeil’s Management with amount and time frame to pay, only those who have been already sent to the CRM Attorney will not be sent a letter.

Credits to accounts to be reassessed at the following meeting

ON MOTION: Duly made on Shawn and seconded by Harold

RESOLVE: To change Attorney from CRM to McNeil’s attorney.

Current cash flow has improved some and we will clean up remainder as fast as we can

Set limit to write off to <$5.00.

ON MOTION: Duly made by Susan and seconded by Harold

RESOLVED: To limit write off to > $5.00 on accounts.

All ACC notices have been sent out.

Uniform collection Sheet to be worked on.

ON MOTION: Duly made by Jim and seconded by Erin.

RESOLVED: To the use of the Uniform Collection Sheet.

Force mowing of unkempt lawns to a schedule of call and contact attorney or work out with lawn service.

ON MOTION: Duly made by Shawn and seconded by Harold.

RESOLVED: To force mowing of unkempt lawns.

There was one request this month to the ACC.

Neighbor Watch needs 5 Volunteers, will use of flyer.

Vendor contact will be renewed as they come in.

Web site will be cheaper if contracted for 4-5 years. It will cost $230.00 for a 5-year contact.

Brady Wright will set up our web site and e-mail.

ON MOTION: Duly made by Jim and seconded by Anthony.

RESOLVED: Five year period for Web Site and e-mail.

McNeil’s would like to know if they should proceed with legal action at 3413 Berry Blossom Lane. BOD states to put on hold for now.

Ponds in community look unkempt. We need to change Vendor as presented by Jim and go with Lake Doctor’s.

ON MOTION: Duly made by Susan second by Erin.

RESOLVED: To change our vendor on pond service.

Approval of minutes from last meeting.

ON MOTION: Duly made by Shawn and seconded by Jim

RESLOVED: Minutes were e-mailed to BOD and approved

Insurance for Doug discussed community as to what we carry, we have no property coverage, the liability coverage, Director and BOD coverage and commercial crime. McNeil will price policy for us.

The fining committee is having a hard time defining their goals. Do we need this committee at this time?

ON MOTION: Duly made by Jim and seconded by Shawn

RESOLVED: Table Fining Committee at this time.


ON MOTION: Duly made by Harold, seconded by Erin.

RESOLVED: To adjourn the meeting at 8:42 PM

Respectfully submitted,


Susan Beller, Secretary Trapnell Ridge HOA, Inc


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