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Annual Meeting - 11/7/22



Annual Meeting

November 7, 2021


OnPoint CoWork Solutions (State Farm Building)

1805 N. James L Redman Parkway (2nd Floor)

Plant City, FL 33563

I. Call to order by Anthony Jones at 6:30PM

II. Verification of Quorum: Jason Stanley and Anthony Jones in attendance; board quorum in attendance; 7 homes in attendance total; need 20 for quorum; quorum not

obtained; continued as an unofficial meeting

III. Purpose of Meeting

  1. Review Approved 2023 Budget

    1. Explanation of landscaping line item is for items outside the scope of work from the landscape contract

    2. Explanation of reserves

    3. Explanation of community events

  2. Election of Board

    1. Intent to runs for candidacy from current board members. No other intent to runs received. Since there were not more candidates than vacancies, the board will remain the same for the 2023 fiscal year.

  3. Community Affairs

    1. Back gate cannot be opened because Mindedahl Road is too narrow, and the Association would have had to pay a lump sum to the neighboring property to widen the road.

IV. Adjournment by Anthony Jones at 7:48PM, seconded by Jason Stanley


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