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2nd Quarter Board Meeting - 5/2/22

Trapnell Ridge HOA

2nd Quarter Board Meeting

Monday, May 2, 2022

6:30 PM

OnPoint CoWork Solutions

1805 James L Redman Pkwy, Ste 202

Plant City, FL 33563


Call to Order by Anthony Jones at 6:33PM

  • Verify quorum: Kevin Anderson and Anthony Jones in attendance

  • Verify timely notice of meeting: Signs posted over a week ago

  • Reading of last meeting minutes: Motion to approve by Anthony, seconded by Kevin for 1st Quarter Meeting Minutes

Financial Reports

  • Monthly Financial Reports as of 05.02.2022

    • Cash Operating $18,342.76

    • Cash Reserved $34,619.68

    • Total Cash $52,962.44

Old Business

  • Items for maintenance from last meeting status in red:

    • Discuss Open Maintenance Issues and Identify Priorities

      • Perimeter Fence Cleaning – HCM to get bids COMPLETE

      • Basketball Goals – Board approved quote for replacement COMPLETE

      • Benches for Bus Stop – ordered and to be installed at a later date COMPLETE

      • Seesaw for Park – ordered and to be installed at a later date COMPLETE

      • Missing Swing at Park – Board approved replacement to be installed at a later date along with benches and seesaw COMPLETE

      • Camera Maintenance at Park – HCM to get bids EMAILED ONPOINT 5/2/22 SPEAK TO AT MEETING

        • Scheduled date for technician to bid out repairs

      • Shed Repairs – Anthony to purchase a fogger and spray foam insulation STATUS?

        • Shed treated, and to be treated on a monthly basis

    • Owner requested something to be done about spiders up under see-saw. This area will be treated along with the replacement of the seesaw NOT SURE IF TREATED, BUT SEESAW REPLACEMENT SHOULD HAVE HELPED.

      • No other complaints since replacement, will treat if requested

  • Ratify decision to have trees trimmed at front of community - $2,550 for 11 oaks and 8 crepe myrtles trimmed

New Business

  • Items for 2nd Quarter?

    • Homeowner in attendance requested maintenance on Harvest Orchard Drive pond planters. HCM has already contacted Sharpescapes for new plants.

  • 2nd Qtr or Early 3rd Qtr Events?

    • None announced

  • Review Paint Schemes and vote for approved color scheme

    • Board in agreeance for approved Valspar colors, to send out to community at a later date.

Adjournment by Anthony Jones at 6:59PM, seconded by Kevin Anderson


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